Artists in Residence/Print Sale at The Bowery, Sat 8th August 10-4pm

Following the success of their current exhibition Recording an emotional response, artists Christopher Hall and Janey Walklin will be in residence at The Bowery in a special interactive day on Saturday 8th August.

Recording an emotional response, which runs until 11th September, sees the two Yorkshire-based artists responding to ideas of memory, ritual and the recording of personal histories. Both artists will be present in the gallery space demonstrating their working methods and inviting visitors to interact and help shape the course of new work. In addition there will also be a print sale where visitors to the gallery can purchase original works, postcards and special limited edition prints.


Christopher Hall is a visual artist whose work examines the interplay between memory, ritual and notions of power. Experimental in its nature, his work celebrates the unique possibilities of analogue media from 8mm film and 35mm slides to paper, ink and collage. The resulting assemblages are pushed through alchemical processes and manipulated physically, generating images that cannot be achieved digitally.

Janey Walklin’s work involves the idea of making imprints and pictorial montages from the ephemeral matter of experience. The images record memories, place, identity and perhaps overlooked connections which co-exist in the process of painting as a visual response.

The Bowery Artists in Residence day takes place on Saturday 8th August from 10am-4pm.

All are welcome!

Artists in Residence/Print Sale @The Bowery Sat Aug 8th 10-4pm
Artists in Residence/Print Sale @The Bowery Sat Aug 8th 10-4pm

The Bowery is an exciting contemporary arts venue and creative art space which has operated in Headingley since 2008. It was recently featured on Made in Leeds TV on their nightly culture programme The Book It List.

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